Prevent Malware in the Cloud

We all need to prevent Malware and Cloud Computing has revolutionised the way the world does business,

this newfound freedom has enabled us to scale as we grow.

We can communicate from anywhere in the world, give customers more of what they want, and save money.

But there is a dark side to cloud computing too, with the rapid growth has left thousands of organisations vulnerable to Cyber Criminals looking to attack.

One of their favourite ways to hit businesses is with Malware, which is software that disrupts, damages, and gains unlawful access to computer systems.

It is a specifically nasty type of attack, that is specifically created to cause as much suffering as possible.

Unsure what Malware is? Read our guide on the Types Of Malware & How It Impacts Your Computer.

The really scary thing is that an attack can go undetected for months. By the time you have discovered you’ve been hacked, it is too late and Malware has spread through the Computer Systems like a wildfire, wreaking havoc as it goes.

You might think that by using Cloud Computing you are safe. That the software developers are one step ahead of the baddies/hackers and it has passed all sorts of rigorous security tests.

Sadly you would be wrong on all accounts. Cyber Crime is the number one threat to all UK businesses, yet a staggeringly low number of Cloud Providers are offering adequate protection against Malware.

Don’t think you can take your chances, because it is only a matter of time until the hackers catch up with you.

It is possible to prevent Malware in the Cloud and our latest Guide tells you how. We have also written an article and a Guide on getting your staff onboard with Cyber Security, keeping staff up to speed can be essential to prevent Malware and make sure you are safe.

Take a look at our video below

YouTube video

Looking for the guides? Visit our Books & Guides section for your FREE downloads. Worried about Malware? We produced a FREE Guide titled How To Prevent Malware In The Cloud.

Cyber Security is becoming increasingly important, as GDPR came into effect it is now a necessity not just as an additional service. Our Blog and Youtube Channel will be constantly updated with Cyber Security content if you are keen to learn then keep up with our content for more information.


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